120 South Road, Bedford, Massachusetts


  • Freight House and RDC 6211
    Bedford Freight House at the Minuteman Bikeway terminus
  • Bedford_Freight_House_1916
    Bedford Freight House in 1916
  • benches outside Freight House
    Public amenities outside Bedford Freight House
  • cyclists at Depot Park
    Cyclists at the rear of Bedford Freight House
  • Freight House in winter
    Bedford Freight House during the holiday season
  • Freight House interior
    Interior of the Bedford Freight House welcome center
  • model railroad
    1950s diorama inside Bedford Freight House
  • renovations 2008
    Bedford Freight House under renovation - 2008
  • renovations at rear
    Bedford Freight House under renovation - 2008
  • renovations
    Public restrooms addition to Bedford Freight House - 2008
  • Freight House under renovation 2008
    Bedford Freight House under renovation - 2008
  • interior renovations
    Bedford Freight House under renovation - 2008
  • renovations
    Bedford Freight House under renovation - 2008
  • renovations
    Bedford Freight House under renovation - 2008
  • exterior painting
    Bedford Freight House under renovation - 2008
  • ribbon cutting ceremony
    Bedford Freight House reopening - June 15, 2009
  • ribbon cutting ceremony
    Bedford Freight House reopening - June 15, 2009
  • plaza and flowering trees
    The plaza outside Bedford Freight House
  • kiosk
    The information kiosk outside Bedford Freight House
  • Bedford Freight House at night
    Bedford Freight House and RDC 6211 at night


The Freight House Welcome Center is closed for the winter. It is scheduled to reopen sometime in the spring, the date determined by the weather, bikeway activity and volunteer shopkeeper availability. Some of the items sold at the Freight House are available through the online store.

* If you are unable to visit in person, please order merchandise through our online store.

Bedford FreightHouse web camera This web camera provides a view of the Freight House plaza through a window. The image is updated every 15 seconds.

Volunteer shopkeepers:  Please click here to add your name to the shopkeeper schedule.

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Friends of Bedford Depot Park operates the historic Freight House as a public service to Minuteman Bikeway users and the general public. It's a place where visitors may come to relax upon arriving in Bedford, learn about the railroad history that predates the bikeway, ask questions, and receive local travel information. Old photos and railroad artifacts are on display. Cold and hot beverages, snacks, and historical merchandise are available. Proceeds from the sale of these items are used to advance historic preservation projects and to maintain Depot Park.

The Freight House building was built in 1877 as the Engine House for the narrow-gauge Billerica & Bedford Railroad. After the demise of the B&B, the building was acquired by the standard-gauge Boston & Maine Railroad for use as a freight shed. For many decades, this is where goods were received and shipped in Bedford. A platform and siding provided boxcar access to the facility.

In the mid-1950s, the B&M decommissioned its Freight House at Bedford and sold the property. During the ensuing years, the building was used as a grain store, a Veterans of Foreign Wars headquarters, a bakery and a sandwich shop. The new owners made modifications to the structure, such as the addition of a second floor and a bay window that faces South Road.

The Town of Bedford purchased the Freight House in 1999 as part of the Depot Park project. It was renovated by the Massachusetts Highway Department and the Town in 2008. Click here to view a sequence of photos that show the building's renovations.

Operation of the Depot Park complex is funded by Freight House food sales proceeds, revenues from rental of Bedford Depot office units, and rentals of the Budd Rail Diesel Car. Since first operating the Freight House welcome center in August 2000, the Friends organization has raised over $50,000 for Depot Park.

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