August 10, 2011


Dear Friends:

Please take a moment to consider the public service that FBDP currently provides.

     Operation of the Freight House as an information and refreshments center for Minuteman Bikeway users, Depot Park visitors and tourists

     Preservation and display of our local railroad history

     Support of the Depot Park complex

     Publication of a newsletter and operation of a Web site about our local railroad history and rail-trails

Now, imagine if these services were to soon end! This is a real possibility if FBDP does not have candidates for office at the Annual Meeting on Saturday, October 1, at 1:00 P.M. in the railroad car at Depot Park.

     Edward Stickney has been FBDP’s clerk since 2003. He has maintained the membership records, reminded people when their annual dues are due, and handled basic administrative tasks of the corporation such as filing an annual report with the Secretary of State’s office. Mr. Stickney says he does not plan to seek reelection this year.

     Jim Shea has served as FBDP’s president since the organization’s founding in 1995. Since then, the organization has grown from 13 members to over 250 people. Jim played a significant role in advancing the Depot Park project that has blossomed into an attractive complex of preserved historic buildings and public amenities at the Minuteman Bikeway terminus. Also through his work, the Freight House has become a successful resource that is appreciated by many Depot Park visitors. Mr. Shea informed the directors that he does not intend to place his name on the ballot for reelection.*

At a minimum, candidates for clerk and president will be needed at the Annual Meeting on October 1. A Massachusetts corporation requires a clerk, treasurer and president to function. If FBDP does not have these necessary officers, the remaining directors might be faced with the prospect of dissolving the corporation and disposing of its assets as prescribed in the Bylaws. To avert this possible outcome, please consider being a candidate for office!

For more information, please contact any of the officers or directors or e-mail us at:

* Mr. Shea would offer himself as a candidate for reelection if a candidate emerges for vice president who is willing to “learn the ropes” of running the organization so that they are prepared to perform the president’s duties in the event of his absence or inability to serve. Might you be this person?

Responsibilities of the Officers

(From Article 4 of the Bylaws)


Call, preside at, and prepare agendas for all general and special meetings of the organization

Establish committees and special task forces, and appoint members to them

Collaborate with the Treasurer and the Clerk in the preparation of reports and records of the organization

Conduct general day-to-day operation of the organization

Vice President

Be prepared to assist the President whenever called upon

Assume the duties of the President in the event of his or her absence, resignation or inability to serve


Prepare an annual report of the organization’s financial transactions for presentation at the annual meeting

Receive all monies and make all disbursements, keeping a thorough account thereof, for the organization

Be prepared to offer for review the financial records, bank books, vouchers, et cetera of the organization, upon the request of officers, directors and auditors


Record and present the minutes of all general and special meetings

Prepare an annual report of the organization’s general activities for presentation at the annual meeting

Conduct and prepare correspondence and perform clerical duties for the organization, under the direction of the President

Issue organization membership to qualifying parties

  Be prepared to offer for review the records of the organization, upon the request of officers, directors and auditors

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